RUBAA, You, and Your Universe

I know what you’re thinking; this isn’t your typical Alumni Association website. We could begin by telling you a little about ourselves but let’s hide that away in some of our secondary pages. Here, the focus is you – your universe.

They say life is about moments and here at RUBAA we believe in those moments we have endless potential to make lasting connections, hence the connect, share and grow. Our sole purpose is to connect business alumni graduates with likeminded individuals who share common goals, purpose, and values.  We achieve our goals in a number of different ways; events, pub nights (beer makes everyone happy), mentoring, industry specific knowledge transfer sessions, and more. The point is no matter the avenue we hope our results stay consistent – connecting likeminded individuals to worthy causes.

Along the way, we realized we could use our power for good. So we set out to do just that. By way of bursaries we are proud to say we support current students within the business ecosystem.

We hope you find something to connect with as Ellen Glasgow said “All change is not growth, as all movement is not forward”. We hope to keep you moving forward.

What We Do

We achieve our goals by organizing informative and exciting events that bring Ryerson graduates together and creates a forum for knowledge exchange and idea generation. Our events also reconnect alumni with colleagues from years past, present and future.

Why Join?

Membership to RUBAA offers several benefits, these include:

  • Networking Opportunities – meet business professionals from all industries
  • Lifetime learning – gain knowledge and insight from fellow alumni
  • Give back – connect with current Ryerson students through our mentoring program
  • Have fun!

How to Join?

Fill out the form on the membership page.